The Blurb

In early 2011, Drew’s boss asked him to sit on the interview panel for a 27 year old man who had applied for a position as a junior solicitor in our firm’s insurance litigation team. He was nice enough. But, there were number of things about this man that should have raised my alarm bells during the interview process. Drew couldn’t put his finger on it. Something just didn’t seem… right.

Drew decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. So did his boss. It was a mistake. A bad mistake. And now everyone in the office has to deal with it.

Many of you have heard parts of the story before.

Some of you think of him as the Boogie Man.

Others consider him a legend.

This is his story.


The Chronicles of Creepy Pants is a humorous, episodic blog chonicling the fictional interactions of a Creep and his Co-Workers.  We have all come across a Creep in our lives. But are they always what they seem? And how do you deal with them?