The Creeps

Do Mr Creepy Pants sound familiar? We have all come across a Creep in our lives. But are they always what they seem? The most primordial of office geekery or the mysterious Boogie Man for every working soul? And how do you deal with one when he or she appears?

The Chronicles is (I hope) a story telling experience that everyone can relate. The episodes are a collection of exaggerated anecdotes from various sources, melded together to a create a delicious melodrama.

If you have met a Creep and would like to contribute to the Creepy Pants mythology, I would love to hear your stories. You can comment at the bottom, find me at the Facebook page, or email at

3 thoughts on “The Creeps

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    • Yes, this is probably a little confusing. As I am rebooting the series, I will add characters to this page as they are reintroduced. So far we have only met Asha, but there will be more to come soon.

      Each episode is linked to a character, so this is a convenient way to read all episode featuring s particular character (once they are actually posted).

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