The Archives

I just couldn’t bear to delete these babies from the site. In case anyone is interested, here are the earlier (or first draft) versions of the Creep’s Episodes, archived and indexed for your convenience.

Prologue: The Mistake (deleted)

Episode 1: A Tasting (deleted)

Episode 2: Nomenclature (deleted)

Episode 3: Child at Heart (and Mind) (deleted)

Episode 4: Mighty Machine Men (deleted)

Episode 5: Semaphore (deleted)

Episode 6: Remember Me (deleted)

Episode 7: The Game

Episode 8: Dancing Queen

Episode 9: The Gun Show

Episode 10: Risky Business

Episode 11: Fish Cakes

Episode 12: What a Dick

Interlude: The Ring In

Episode 13: Date Night

Episode 14: Friday Night Fever

Episode 15: Poker Face

Epiosde 16: Frat House Follies – Part I

Episode 17: The Silly Season

Episode 18: Frat House Follies – Part II

Episode 19: Barbeque Therapy

Episode 20: Frat House Follies – Part III

Episode 21: Storm in a Pee Cup

Episode 22: My Funny Valentine

Episode 23: Donut King

Episode 24: Gay Old Time

Episode 25: Cyber Profiling

Episode 26: Breakfast of Champions

Episode 27: Art Imitating Life

Episode 28: (coming soon)