If it’s good enough for Marvel Comics, it’s good enough for me. After much deliberation, some sporadic drafting, mixed with a touch of drawing and very little web-craft, the new Chronicles of Creepy Pants is here!

The site has been under construction as I have been busy getting my head around what I actually want to do with this blog and doing some serious redrafts. For my loyal readers, not much in presentation will really change. I will continue to update the story in episode form. However, as promised, I have GONE BACK TO THE BEGINNING!

Say what?

Yes, I have gone back to the beginning. That means that many of the episodes might seem familiar to the regular readers. However, please stay with me on this. I promise you good things. First, I have started rewriting the episodes so that they are hopefully better than before. Secondly, the episodes are longer and more detailed to give a much more prosaic experience. Thirdly, there will be new episodes in between, so you will actually get new content. And soon. In fact, episode 2 is completely new! Yay! Fourthly, the episodes will be subtly changed to give a complete new direction on the blog. This story is going somewhere, people, and I hope you enjoy the new ride.

There are some superficial changes. Namely, the blog has a nifty new look, together with a features slider to show case the newest and best episodes. You will also notice a few extra menus up top. There is a new About section (The Blurb). The indices to the Episodes and Characters remain, although they are currently a bit sparse as they relate to the new material. For those who want to reminisce on my past “drafts”, I have indexed the old episodes under The Archives tab. Finally, as previously mentioned, I have added The Creeps tab as a space for other bloggers and guests alike to pop in and volunteer and of their own creep-related stories that they might like transformed into a Creepy Pants tale. This is the part I am most excited about and really hope that people embrace.

Oh, and I am getting into crude drawings now too!

This is just the start for what I hope amounts to enough material to create a short novel. A novella if you will. How and whether I release it is still a long consideration away, but it’s exciting to have a goal nonetheless. That being said, I feel like I should note that I currently don’t get paid to do this. I do it for the sheer love of writing and I really hope that there are readers out there who will enjoy it.

Episode 1 has officially been posted, so I hope you check it out.

If you are a fan, please, please do stop by and drop us a note on the comments section of each post. I love to get feedback about your thoughts on the story, where it’s going and whether you think this new direction is working. And if you do enjoy my blog, please, PLEASE tell your friends. Or even better, if you are a writer and have a fiction blog then I’d love to hear from you.

Creepy Pants is into social media now, so please like him on Facebook.


5 thoughts on “Reboot!

  1. Reblogged this on Ex-Patria and commented:

    My passion project has been reanimated, so I thought I would relish in the chance for shameless self-promotion and share it with all of my Ex-Patria readers.

    This is my major creative writing challenge. It’s a hobby, distraction and a serious attorney at fiction all wrapped into one. I really do love this beast and I hope I find some new followers with the new direction,

    Please, do stop by. And I really value feedback, so please do not be afraid to comment!

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