Episode 15: Poker Face

“I wanna hold ’em like they do in Texas plays.”

He rubbed his eyes once more, then tried to fix his focus on the mug in his hand before letting out a ferocious yawn. The Machine was letting him down and he wasn’t helping by filling it with the pollutant that he was about to obtain from the firm’s coffee machine.

It couldn’t be helped. He was exhausted and needed a quick jolt to his system to get him through the day, irrespective of the long term consequences.

Asha walked into to staff room just midway through his yawn.

“Tired huh?”

“Mmmmm. Exhausted.”

Asha had never seen him so uncommunicative. She tried to lighten his mood.

“I haven’t seen any more blood tests in your diary lately? Getting any answers?”

She smiled at him, however he was too busy gazing at the coffee machine to notice. He sighed.

“Oh, it’s a mercury thing…”


“Yeah, I have more tests to come. I’m not tired because of that though.”

Unlike her kitchen companion, Asha was in good spirits. Normally she would take this opportunity to end the conversation, but this morning she couldn’t help but take the bait.

“So why are you tired then?”

“I was up late again last night.”


“Yeah I can’t help it. I’m obsessed.


Asha was simultaneously excited and petrified. Who was this man? Where did he come from? Would she learn the truth of his incarnation? What deep dark secrets was he about to reveal?

“Poker. I’m addicted. It’s such a great game!”

“Poker! Were you at the casino?”

“No. Online.”

Asha couldn’t help but feel disappointed. She had gotten herself in a tizzy over a computer game. She considered lessening her coffee intake in the mornings.

“Maybe you should just play it moderation then…”

“Have you ever played? It’s totally cool. Full of strategy and mystery. It’s sexy.


“You know what would be cool? If our next social function was a poker night!”

“As long as we don’t have to come in our pajamas. I’m pretty sure we had a casino night last year though.”

“It’s probably for the best. I’m very good and I take it very, very seriously. I would probably get fired for harassment.

Asha rolled her eyes and left the kitchen. “Yes”, she thought to herself, that’s what would be the source of  harassment suit against you. Poker!” Asha couldn’t help but giggle to herself as she walked back to her office.

This is the Chronicles of Creepy Pants.

Stay tuned for Episode 16: Frat House Follies – Part 1


5 thoughts on “Episode 15: Poker Face

  1. “The Machine was letting him down…”

    I don’t know why, but for some reason I thought this was going to be about the media, government, corporations, the Catholic Church or anything else with a “machine-like” quality. haha. I’m a weirdo.

    nice post 😉

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