Episode 14: Friday Night Fever

Night fever, night fever, we know how to do it!

As a result of what Alex suspected to be the relentless whisperings of Asha in the boss’ ear, Alex had a new office mate. His new office mate looked pleased. In fact, within hours of his arrival, he had dubbed Alex’s office “The Frat House”:

A haven for Masculinity.

A shrine to Promiscuity.

A sanctity for Lust.

Alex was less than pleased; he was a good Catholic boy and he was not accustomed to talking so openly about such things.

However, Alex managed to survive the first week of hazing and started to warm to his new buddy. By Friday afternoon, Alex was even willing to invite him to join Alex at work drinks.

“You coming along for a drink?”

“Maybe just one. I’ve got rehearsals tomorrow.”


“Yeah I’m doing a new Michael Jackson routine for my church group.”

Alex was confused. Could it be that, through all this bravado and bluster, he was actually a good Christian soul?

“Church group? You go to church too?”

“Yeah, the Church of Scientology.

Alex’s jaw dropped. Was he serious? Alex always thought that Scientology was a fad, reserved for celebrities and wannabes.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course. Scientology changed my life.”

“I’ve never met a Scientologist before.”

“Yeah well you met a good one.”

He grinned smugly.


“It’s been great for my career. I basically do all of their legal work. They get me to vet everything before it goes out.”


Alex was not convinced.

“I guess, in a way, it makes me the Head of the Church in Australia.”

This is the Chronicles of Creepy Pants.

Stay tuned for Episode 15: Poker Face


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