Interlude: The Ring-In

Clearly, I am not always the best decision maker. Hindsight is 20 / 20 and I now share the tainted clarity of a pregnant teenage. I am aware of my error of judgment now that I am stuck with a Mistake. And let’s face it, this Mistake is not going to end up being a “Rory Gilmore” triumph. This is a Mistake of trailer park proportions.

So how could it be fixed? What was a guy to do? What were my options?




I needed perspective. Frankly, I decided it was all just a bit too hard and so I decided to delegate the task.

Amongst the sea of blogospheric mediocrity, I have found some truly insightful gems. Keen bloggers with a sharp wit. And so it was within this blogosphere that I sought help.

“Mmmm gonna try with a little help from my friends.”

One of my favourites is BLAG, whose MailBLAG section offers advice to any cheap bastard who can’t afford professional help. I’m one of those cheap bastards. So I wrote him a letter.

Dear MailBLAG,

I need your advice. My firm recently hired a new junior solicitor and he is… well he’s a bit different. He’s strange. He’s creepy. I was actually on the interview panel and, whilst I did not sing his praises, I also didn’t object to his hiring either. I don’t know how to sum up his creepiness. He has a lack of social boundaries and often tells sexually explicit stories. He also tells terrible jokes, he is mediocre at his job, he takes an inordinate number of vitamin pills, he has bad dress sense and he smells. Okay, I made the last bit up, but the rest is true. Do I sound petty? I feel like I’m sounding petty. He is Creepy. Trust me. I write a blog about him (

I wish he would just… leave. What would you do if you had a creepy pants at your office? Would you ignore him, encourage him or sabotage him? If the latter, how would you go about seeing to his demise without getting caught? Am I being unreasonable? Am I asking too many questions?!

Help me, MailBLAG. You’re my only hope.


He’s smart. He’s funny. He promoted my blog, so now I feel obligated to pimp out his services. Check out his response to my letter (and the rest of his blog): The MailBLAG: Problems in Australia.


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