Episode 10: Risky Business

"Turns out he is quite a legend around here."

Penny couldn’t shake it. She was genuinely intrigued. Maybe not intrigued. Perturbed. Yes, she was in a state of perturbation.  How could someone like this actually exist?  Was this all some kind of sick joke? If it was, she was certainly impressed with his commitment to the charade.

Penny decided to dig.

Penny’s friend Lizzy happened to work for his old firm.  Unfortunately, she hadn’t been working there very long and he had only worked there for three months.  Chances are they hadn’t met.  After all, surely she would have heard stories about him from Lizzy by now if they had!  Unless he really was putting on this macho-rapey-sexist vibe as a joke.  And what a joke! He was certainly risking alienating the entire female staff with his relentless jibes.

Penny decided to persevere

She immediately telephoned Lizzy’s office to make some enquiries. Unfortunately, as she had feared, Lizzy had not had the pleasure of experiencing his presence.  Lizzy started at the firm shortly after he had left to work alongside Penny. Lucky Lizzy.

Penny decided to reconsider.

Lizzy started to tell Penny a story about how horrible her morning had been, but Penny wasn’t really listening. Penny’s first and only lead had turned out to be a dead end. Would she ever get closer to solving this mystery?

Penny ended the conversation with a throw-away line, asking Lizzy to ask around her office if they had any stories about him.  She suspected this would be the last time they spoke about his time at his old firm.

Penny admitted defeat.

She worked through until lunch time and then she took her contracted hour off to relax.  Penny’s efforts had led nowhere and he would remain an enigma.

Penny returned to her office after lunch. To her surprise, she had an email from Lizzy waiting for her.

To: Penny

Subject: Cougar Hunter


I went to lunch with a couple of female colleagues today and I asked them about your new friend who used to work with us.

Turns out he is quite a legend around here.  Apparently, he hooked up with two cougar clients at our Christmas Party last year!

Penny decided to retreat.

She was now certain that he wasn’t joking. He was being genuine. This was real. Penny sat at her desk for the next five minutes and stared blankly at her white office wall in stunned silence.

This is the Chronicles of Creepy Pants

Stay tuned for Episode 11: Fish Cakes


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