Episode 9: The Gun Show

Another member of the Frat House.

He walked into the staff kitchen to find Alex and Quentin chatting with Brent.  His shine had recently been over shadowed with the arrival of this new toy in the office. The Buzz Lightyear to his Woody.  Brent: the new “new guy”.

However, unlike Woody, he was actually also excited to have this new, masculine toy to play with.  He was another man. A mate. A dude. A bro. Another member of the Frat House.

Brent was in his mid-thirties , he was on the shorter side, wore glasses, and had messy brown hair.  However, he had the cool, relaxed temperament of a veteran surfer. And he was fit. Buff even.  Maybe Brent would be able to tell him some rousing stories.

However, to his disappointment, he had walked into the kitchen to find Brent talking about his children. Children.  His entry seemed to quickly  stifle the conversation, as Alex, Quentin and Brent had stopped and turned their attention to him.

“Hey man, so have you heard from that girl you met at the ball last weekend?”

“Yeah, I thought you were going to call her and ask her on a date.”

“I called her, but she didn’t answer. “

“Try her again.”

“Nah. She sent me a text to tell me she’s  moved to Sydney.”


It was Friday, which was casual dress day at the firm.  Brent was wearing a tight, V-necked t-shirt, which showed off his brawny chest and large biceps.  He scanned down Brent’s left arm and searched his left hand. No ring. No ring! He had to be sure.

“So Brent, how long have you been married?”

“Oh, I’m not married dude.”

Maybe Brent wasn’t talking about his kids …

“Sorry, I just figured because you were talking about kids.”

“Oh yeah, I have two kids. I have a son, Charlie and a daughter, Skye.”


“That’s cool. So you don’t believe in marriage?”

“Nah.  My kids’ mum and I were together for 14 years, but we never got hitched.”

Did he just speak in the past tense?

“You were together?”

 “Yeah, we split up 2 years ago.”

There was still hope.

“So are you with anyone now?”

“Nah, I’m still single.”

Brent was standing with his arms crossed. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Brent’s bulging biceps. Had he found a new Wing Man?

“Well, we gotta go out sometime so I can see the show.”


“The show. You must pick up all the chicks with those guns!”

Quentin and Alex held their hands over their mouths, looking at each other with side ways glances and trying to contain their hysteria. Brent let out a short,  sympathetic  laugh and shifted his weight in nervous embarrassment.

“Well dude, I think I better get back to work.”

This is the Chronicles of Creepy Pants.

Stay tune for Episode 10: Risky Business


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